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Teachers, educators … Do you want to pass on the pleasure of writing in attached letters to children and contribute to their development? We offer training tailored to your needs.

We offer training tailored to your needs. !

‘‘I I took Mrs. Pettinati’s course a few years ago. Since then, my Grade 1 students begin learning cursive writing in September. The lines flow more naturally and the students learn quickly.
By November, I am still impressed to see them writing short sentences in cursive letters. At this point in the year, they are able to read words in books as well as messages from their mothers written in their agendas, in cursive script!’’

Luce Lavoie, enseignante à l’école Antoine-Hallé, Shawinigan

There is no greater reward than seeing a happy child when he can finally write “like the grown-ups”.

The teaching of cursive writing is not only simple, it is also a fun activity that is easily done when you master the basics of graphic gesture.

Discover the workshops The pleasure of writing well! Offered to teachers since 2004, this method of teaching cursive writing has proven itself !


Writing is a complex gesture which can however be taught simply if one knows well the neurophysiological bases of the graphic gesture.
The methodology used is simple and is based on basic gestures: loop, garland, bridge (arcade) and circle. By working in parallel between holding a pencil and the precursor gestures of writing, automatism sets in quickly to ensure readable, fluid and spontaneous cursive calligraphy. The exercises are done first on unlined paper. The child then draws his own lines and then we move on to the lined sheets.


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