Questionned Documents

Legal expert, investigator, investigative forensic accountant, trustee for a professional order, executor of an estate, notary, private individual. Are you unsure of the authenticity of a document ?

We provide professional expertise recognized by the courts.

We have yet to come across an expert witness with more credibility than Ms. Graziella Pettinati.

Mes Guildo B. Vani et George Peizler, PEIZLER & VANI Avocats S.A

Acts and documents authentication. Copyright identification, accuracy check, signature verification. We cover the role of expert witness in administrative, civil or criminal trials.

Preliminary opinion, technical examination, analysis and drafting of a detailed report, second opinion, testimony.


Because we understand how important an expert opinion is to a case, we are careful to use the latest version of the methodology developed jointly by Bryan Found (Victoria Police Forensic Services Department), Doug Rogers (School of Human Biosciences, La Trobe University, Australia) and Carolyne Bird (Forensic Science South Australia). Documentation of Forensic Handwriting Method: A Modular Approach.

We regularly participate in handwriting experts skills assessments with organizations recognized and conventions of experts.


VSC4C Video Spectral Comparator (Foster & Freeman)
Electrostatic detection device (Vacuum Box)
Stereo microscope (MISCP-MP2-IR-Dual)
Leica Wild M3Z stereo microscope
5X and 10X magnifying light tables
Portable UV lights
Optical fibre lamp and filters
Measurement templates
UV and IR filters

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