and techniques used

Video Spectral Comparator

The VSC- 40C is a sophisticated document imaging apparatus examination designed to detect forgeries and whether a document was altered. It allows to see the features like watermarks, indented or embossed features and other security markings such as UV reflective markers and safety features added to documents to make them more difficult to copy.

Electrostatic detection device

The document is placed on a porous plate. A suction pump can greatly flatten the paper on the tray. Then covered the whole of a thin polyester film subjected to corona discharge (high voltage wire electrode). Was then sprayed a developer powder which is preferably deposited in the grooves, where the support offers less resistance to the current . The image of the indentations can be maintained by covering the polyester film by a transparent adhesive

MiScope – Stereo microscope

The MiScope combines a digital movie camera, precision optics and LED lighting in a microscope that fits in the palm of your hand. The MiScope has 40 – 140X magnification which lets you zoom in on the fine details of insects, textiles, electronics or anything else too small to see.
Place the MiScope over the object, and view the image on your computer screen, instead of looking in a small eyepiece.
Capture images or movies, and easily add labels, make measurements and draw on the live image. The MiScope connects to your computer’s USB port either laptop or desktop and comes with included Video ToolBox imaging software.

Table lumineuse

La table lumineuse se compose d’une source lumineuse électrique, des tubes fluorescents surmontés d’un plan de travail en verre dépoli qui diffuse la lumière uniformément et évite l’exposition directe aux lampes.
La lumière transmise permet de mettre en évidence des inscriptions sous un papier cache

Couplée avec une caméra, un gabarit et une une loupe, la table lumineuse permet de prendre des images de mesure de caractéristiques de l’écriture.


J’ai reçu vos expertises et je vous en remercie.
Comme je vous l’ai déjà mentionné, votre travail est impeccable, c’est-à-dire bien structuré, bien documenté et bien présenté.
Je suis aussi impressionné par votre diligence dans la préparation de vos expertises.
Encore une fois, Madame Pettinati, je vous suis reconnaissant pour le bon travail réalisé dans ma demande de service.

Me Paul Fréchette, Barrister-mediator-arbitrator

We have yet to come across an expert witness with more credibility than Ms. Graziella Pettinati.

Mes Guildo B. Vani et George Peizler, PEIZLER & VANI Avocats S.A